Our story began in 2013 when we co-founded VERRIER HANDCRAFTED, a stationery lifestyle brand, featuring signature neon colors and glitter. The brand has garnered worldwide success through the lighthearted imagery of Ashleigh Verrier’s original illustrations, while delivering beautiful handcrafted details to make the products special and one of a kind. The desire to keep the imaginative illustrator momentum going inspired the launch of STRICTLY FANCY x WALMART, a fanciful range of products which include sparkly partyware, dazzling neon decor and merrymaking gifts !  
 STRICTLY FANCY range has officially launched at WALMART stores nationwide!! Through our partnership with WALMART, our dreams have come true to bring Ashleigh's whimsical world to locations where everyone can access her colorful designs for party celebrations at affordable price points.  
You have received an exclusive invitation to party with us. The price of admission is your imagination full of brilliant glee and an ear to ear grin. So let’s get this party started for HAPPY MEMORABLE TIMES in a STRICTLY FANCY manner from yours truly at WALMART. 
NOTE:  We do not ship STRICTLY FANCY products.  All purchases are serviced through Walmart stores directly and at Walmart.com. 
Please join us on Instagram at strictlyfancyparty for all vibrant updates.