How and when did verrier handcrafted get started? 

VERRIER FASHION began in 2004 as a women’s designer ready to wear brand, founded and owned by Jude and Ashleigh Verrier.  Yes, it is true, the mother and daughter business partners are best of friends.  And it is also true that a lot of overnight successes take a good ten years. The cards and prints did not get realized until closer to 2014. Ashleigh graduated from Parson’s School of Design NY in 2004 and received the acclaimed Designer of the Year Award. Saks 5th Ave flagship store in NYC placed a production order for her entire senior thesis collection. Shortly to follow, Japan offered an exclusive licensing contract. Bryant Park and Lincoln Center locations had VERRIER engaged in NYC seasonal fashion shows. Ashleigh became engaged in 2011 and applied her fashion interests on all things wrapped around her wedding day.  Aside from Ashleigh designing her wedding gown and Jude’s mother of the bride dress, she created her wedding invitations, drew a detailed menu card, sketched table fashion icons, hand painted thank you notes…and the focused artist's list goes on.  Ashleigh quickly realized she was feeding her passion as an artist beyond manufacturing women's ready to wear clothing. Subsequently, there was a business transition encouraged by high demand for her unique illustrations on stationery lifestyle brand type products.  Her wedding invitation became the very popular how sweet it is greeting card and the variety of her thank you notes were offered with a host of other everyday occasion card selections at our first Chelsea Market NYC pop ups in 2013-14.  Within our first year of hand embellishing Ashleigh’s original designs on verrier handcrafted greeting cards with neon paint & glitter, customers gave feedback noting they wanted to frame the cards and requested scaling the designs to larger print options ….Hence, ten years after Ashleigh graduation from Parsons,  verrier handcrafted products were well conceived. 

Most recently in May 2022, we launched an additional brand featuring Ashleigh's original whimsical colorful illustrations called STRICTLY FANCY.  Currently, this young girl's party celebration line is sold through Walmart stores and 


How are the cards and prints made? Why are they unique from other brands offering cards or prints? Who makes them? Are the products made in the USA? Can I visit your NYC art studio? 

All the printed designs are original illustrations by the artist, Ashleigh Verrier. She creates her files that are printed on high quality paper using giclée ink.  Each paper fashionable piece goes through a retouché process; whereby, neon paint and fine glitter are hand painted onto the paper printed designs by a group of lighthearted artisans in the verrier handcrafted art studio in New York City.  We are certain in saying there is no other company currently offering this unique hand detailing that is done with much TLC to create affordable original whimsical handcrafted art. We are able to guarantee that each card you take the time to send will be received as a cherished gift.  Our verrier handcrafted  lifestyle products, each featuring one of Ashleigh's popular original illustrations,  are inspected and shipped from our NYC studio. 


Does the hand painted glitter shed? How are they packaged?

Each and every greeting card and print is hand vacuumed, after spending a significant amount of time on the drying rack to prevent any shedding. In addition, these works of art are put through a scrutinizing quality control process to be sure all of the paint and the glitter are properly hand applied. Once each item has passed approval, a greeting card will be packaged in a tailored clear bag with a complementary envelope and each print is packaged into a companion clear bag with separate cardboard backing for additional support.


Do you fill custom orders? How about requesting a change in colors for a design or changing/omitting words?

We believe each of the verrier handcrafted creations is a custom piece in its own right.  Although there are designated patterns to follow for color and glitter application on any given design, each artist’s hand holds her own brush stroke for how the given color and glitz is applied.  It should be understood that verrier handcrafted is not a graphic artists site for someone who is looking to make his or her own designs.  We sincerely hope the wealth of selections with the positive affirmations offered for various themes will have you believing that verrier handcrafted did make something especially with you in mind.  Please note, we do weigh customer suggestions.


How often do you introduce new designs. Does Ashleigh create all of the designs?

Ashleigh Verrier, like all true artists, needs the creative fix of her next new inspiration. At this time, Ashleigh is the sole designer for the hundreds of illustrations we offer. Ashleigh finds herself drawing a number of new designs each month. We reached a point where we wondered if we should consider to retire some of the verrier handcrafted choices, but customers were asking us not to because they collect designs over the years and want to have all options at all times to cherry pick.  Our online selection houses cards that were from our original offerings to today’s collection pieces.  We have been told it is never a problem to group framed verrier handcrafted art choices together because of the clear signature elements of the designs. Follow our Instagram posts at verrier_handcrafted_ as new verrier handcrafted designs are routinely introduced.  And our new line STRICTLY FANCY x WALMART on Instagram at strictlyfancyparty.

Does Ashleigh sign her artwork?

In the Collector’s Corner section of the verrier handcrafted website, the option of purchasing an artist signed piece by Ashleigh Verrier is available. Any of Ashleigh's illustrations can be selected as a collector's signed piece. 


How long does it take from placing an order to receiving it?

Unless you live in Australia, well off the beaten track in UK…or overseas rural elsewhere, we have an excellent track record for local, national and international shipments arriving within the first or second week from when an order is placed. However the delay, all global locations can be shipped to. Customs tends to delay deliveries sent to Australia up to 2-3 weeks. We can usually handcraft a retail order within the first day or two after receiving a request and get it out of our NYC studio door to our customer’s local/national/international door within the week to ten days.  We do hold inventory as well for many of our designs for fostering a quick turnaround. We are as excited as you are to have you receive your treasures. FYI: There are detailed notes under terms and conditions related to our shipping policy that will further address this question. We are proud to showcase multiply reviews expressing appreciation for the quick shipping service.


Do you have a store?  Where can I buy verrier handcrafted products?

Isetan in Tokyo, carries many of our greeting cards as well as Harrods in London. Our cards are represented in the USA at every Paper Source shop. For additional local, national and international locations, please visit our stock list on the homepage footer of this website.  And if you are reading this page, you know you can always order verrier handcrafted products from us directly online anywhere from Planet Earth. 


Do your products go on sale?

There are selected times when we mail special codes to those who are signed up for our newsletter to gain a % off from purchase.  Various online promotions will have an opportunity for savings as well.  We are in the process of looking into the possibility of our returning customers gaining reward points. We are also weighing the potential of a verrier handcrafted annual subscription for monthly card deliveries.  We would welcome to hear from you, one and all, if you have thoughts on our implementing these ideas. We do feel for the intense amount of labor that goes into each and every verrier handcrafted piece, the artwork offered at affordable pricing is one of the best deals in any town. We are also working on better shipping prices, as COVID-19 is having all of us readjusting.If you have any shipping questions, please contact  

How can I find out about the possibility of ordering wholesale from verrier handcrafted?

There is a section marked as wholesale on this website that will have you fill out some detailed information about your retail location to send to us, so we can respond in kind.  

Do you donate to charities?

We donate a full 100% of the proceeds gained from a selected holiday card each year to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Our bigger dream is to create an art room at the St. Jude Hospital for the families who are battling their child's fragile life challenge.  We have also given framed artwork to the remodeling project at Ronald McDonald House.  Many requests are received for school auctions and special intentions.  We understand the goodwill of people trying to make a difference for worthwhile causes and we sincerely try our best to help when and wherever we can. 


Do you offer e-cards?

Not as of yet, but let us know if you think this would fill a need for you. We do firmly believe there is nothing that can compare with framing the real deal, with all due respect to the advantages of cyberspace. 


How can I apply for a job at verrier handcrafted?

Please send us a cover letter with your resume to